About the udu:

The UDU DRUM is a clay pot drum modeled after the Nigerian side hole pot drum. It is made entirely of clay, in the form of a narrow necked, vase-like vessel, with a circular hole in the side in addition to the opening at the top. Playing technique for the traditional drum varies considerably from one region to another and one player to another, but basic technique incorporates drumming on the side hole while selectively opening and closing the top hole to modulate the air chamber resonance with the other hand. Thus, the drum is part idiophone and part aerophone, and, no part membranophone. It has no skin or membrane head. The sound is one of deep air resonance articulated by quick, bright percussion, at times light and bubbly and at times profound. Bent tones resulting from the players modulation of the apertures can be reminiscent of tablas or talking drums. (Experimental Musical Instruments Vol 5 Feb 1990)

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